Silent Acid Reflux

Everything you need to know about silent acid reflux.

Silent Acid Reflux


Silent Acid Reflux is important to note.For instance, let's say you have just had a heavy meal. And you are laying down watching TV. Suddenly you feel some burning sensation in your throat and chest. You try soothing it by drinking something cold. But all in vain. You face this problem quiet frequently and visit the doctor. The doctor tells you that you are suffering from acid reflux and prescribes you some medicines.

Acid reflux is a stage when the acid or the contents of your stomach travel back in the throat. It is a common problem faced by people eating heavy meals, people who smoke, pregnant women, and many more. Acid reflux is also by suffered by infants and children. There are various causes and symptoms of acid reflux.

Though these symptoms can be visible in some cases, in some cases it is difficult to know if that person is suffering from acid reflux. Sometimes the symptoms are rarely seen and in this state the person is said to be suffering from Silent Acid Reflux.

The common symptoms of acid reflux can be detected in quiet an early but silent reflux sufferers are rarely seen suffering from these common symptoms. The most common symptom of acid reflux is heart burn. But in silent acid reflux this symptom may not seen that frequently. Same medicines may be prescribed for both the patients but detecting silent acid sufferers from the usual acid reflux sufferers is difficult. The cause of silent acid reflux can be the same as the cause of acid reflux. Both are caused by the stomach contents which travel to the throat from the stomach in backward direction. This usually happens due to weak functioning of the muscles of the throat which allows the stomach acid to travel back in the throat.

Due to the traveling of the acid in the throat these patients can suffer from voice problems This causes due to the pressure created by the acid in the throat. Swallowing problems are also faced by these patients. Such patients may often be seen clearing their throats while eating or talking. Snoring and irregular sleeping may also be seen in such people. Acid reflux can also be caused because of irregular sleep. These people are recommended to keep their head raised while sleeping, having enough gap in their last meal and sleeping time, avoid the food which induces the stomach acid.

Children and infants are also seen suffering from silent acid reflux. In this state they are often seen swallowing the contents which they have spit causing damage to the throat and the lining of the pipe (esophagus) which connects the throat and stomach. It is better to consult a doctor as early as possible for early detection of this disease.

Though there are many medicines available in the market for this, silent acid reflux often gone undetected, causing severe damage to the throat. In such cases, if the disease is not detected, a surgery may be needed. So it is very important to consult a doctor as soon as possible to avoid any further complication of this disease.

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