Symptoms of Acid Reflux Everything you need to know about symptoms of acid reflux.

Symptoms of Acid Reflux


Symptoms of acid reflux can help you with treatment for it. For instance, let's say suddenly in the middle of the night you are woken by an irritating burning sensation in your throat and chest. You pass the night some how and go to the doctor in the morning. The doctor tells you that this is a symptom of acid reflux and it is called as heart burn.

Cause: Acid reflux is caused due to weak esophagus. The esophagus weakens as the acid from the stomach travels to the throat due to the weak function of the flap covering it. It is caused due to unhealthy diet routine. There are many other causes for this reflux.

Symptoms of acid reflux:

Throat ache or burning problems: Feeling of burning sensation is causes irritation along with throat pain. The throat feels heavy and painful. Eating and drinking slowly is such cases should be followed.

Swallowing problem: You may feel as if a food lump is stuck in the chest or the throat along with a paining sensation. This problem can be due to many reasons so seeking advice from doctor is advisable.

Lose interest in food: One can also loose interest in eating or avoid eating food regularly. Vomiting might also follow.

Voice harshness: Due to the pressure on the vocal chord/ throat the voice may become harsh and may face problem while speaking. Clearing the throat might become too often in such cases.

Breathing problems: Problem in clear breathing or smooth breathing can be faced in case of this reflux. Cough and sneezing may also follow as a symptom.

Heart burn: It is the most prominent symptom of heart. Though it is not related to heart it is called heart burn as it causes burning restless sensation in the chest and sometimes in the back also.

To get relief from the above symptoms there are remedies like home remedies, natural cure, medicines, surgeries and the special reflux pillows. Following some small tips in day to day's life will also help.

Eat a limited diet: Do not over eat every time you sit to eat. Eat what is healthy. Include nutritious food in your diet .

Eat in intervals: Eating in intervals will help digest the food properly. Follow small regular intervals of diet for fast and easy digestion.

Pregnant women: Pregnant should have a balanced diet with nutritional value during this period. Avoid eating food which contains high percentage of fat, oil and calorie. No smoking: Smokers tend to loose their appetite and interest in food. Smoking should be avoided as the nicotine levels may raise the levels of the acid.

Exercise: Exercising regularly will help maintain a good health and keep all the problems at a lower risk.

Use the acid reflux pillow: Due to the special structure of this pillow it keeps the stomach acid in the stomach and avoids the back ward traveling of the acid in the throat.

If any of the above symptoms of acid reflux are seen you should first consult the doctor as the remedies may have an adverse effect, if not taken properly. Symptoms of acid reflux -learn and take better care of yourself and others!

symptoms of acid reflux